Deborah Cooper, MFT

         Grounded Psychotherapy



Being a licensed psychotherapist since 1986, I have worked with a broad range of issues. I know that pain and suffering are inevitable in life, but being miserable is optional. With warmth and humor, I am skilled at helping clients make meaning of the suffering, while facilitating and eliciting options that lead out of it.

I have grounded experience working in a variety of modalities and I use a blend of therapeutic approaches tailored to your specific needs. I am comfortable working with a wide spectrum of life transitions and issues, as well as couples and individuals of different races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, genders, and ages.  I see clients for both brief and long term work.

Relationships, sexuality, grief and loss, parenting, life transitions, blended families, adoption and infertility are areas of expertise, as are working with creative and spiritual impasses and helping couples re-ignite diminished sex lives. I have a long history of working with the particular concerns and needs of those in the mental health field and other healing and religious/spiritual professions.  I consider myself strength-based, knowing that there are no mistakes except the ones we don't name or learn from.



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