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Couples Psychotherapy


Being in an intimate relationship is one of the most challenging and rewarding things a human being can do. Seeking help with that and trusting a therapist in revealing the inner workings of a relationship is courageous.  I strive to create an environment where both partners feel heard, understood, and encouraged to explore their patterns and beliefs about relationships and make constructive change.  Sometimes that also means exploring when to let go.

Couples therapy is particularly useful when:

- You feel stuck having the same argument repeatedly.
- There is sexual or emotional dissatisfaction.
- A major life decision is ahead.
- You are dealing with fertility, adoption or parenting issues.
- You are having problems with a major life event such as loss, health problems,
   work changes, trauma, or betrayal.
- You feel basic agreements either need to be made or changed.

Sometimes couples seek therapy as a last resort. No therapist can guarantee that  therapy will result in the partnership continuing. However, good couples therapy should always result in the individuals deepening their understanding of what they need and want from relationships as well as provide tools for shifting patterns and dynamics that hinder intimacy.

Being a therapist who has worked in San Francisco for almost three decades, I am comfortable with a wide spectrum of couples from different walks of life and communities. I have expertise working with LGBT individuals, couples, and families. I have worked with almost every issue that would present itself in modern relationships, including Attention Deficit Disorder, work/life balance, and opening or closing a relationship sexually. 

As in my work with individuals, I do both brief and long-term work with couples. Depending on the issues and needs, the sessions may be once a week, every other week, or even monthly. Once I have worked with a couple, I strive to find space in my practice for occasional “tune-ups” as needed.


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