Deborah Cooper, MFT

         Grounded Psychotherapy

Individual Psychotherapy

People seek therapy for a wide variety of reasons, and it is a different experience for every individual. Some seek therapy to treat specific symptoms or change specific behaviors. For others, individual psychotherapy is a process of examining one’s own life as a great myth, a journey of self-awareness towards finding deeper meaning in life.

Over my many years of working with individual clients I have experienced therapy being useful in overcoming anxiety and depression; improving satisfaction in life; navigating big life transitions and decisions; breaking free of addictions; treating trauma; healing shame; understanding and changing unsatisfying relationship patterns; as well as managing and reducing stress.

No one therapy modality or style is effective with every individual and no one therapist is a good fit with every client. With over 25 years of experience and training, I blend a breadth of therapeutic approaches and techniques in accordance to my client’s needs. I am interactive and strive to create a balance of support, acceptance and challenge. I am committed to helping individuals with appropriate referrals if my approach or style is one that does not feel right.

Individual therapy can involve discerning and unlearning destructive patterns, looking at the self in both shadow and light, and revealing things that are uncomfortable. I endeavor to create an environment that is nonjudgmental, warm, direct and creative. I know laughing to be as much of an emotional release as crying and believe strongly in humor being a healing force.

Most of my work with individuals begins with once a week 50 minute sessions.  Sometimes more sessions or less frequent sessions are appropriate, and I base that on the individual’s emotional and economic needs.  I do not see therapy as something that ends with a cure, but rather as on ongoing relationship that stops and starts according to the individual. Most of my clients work with me for a period of time, leave, and come back as needed and desired. I am honored to have helped many people through a variety of life transitions, and at any given time, a big portion of my practice is returning clients back for another stretch of work.


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