Deborah Cooper, MFT

         Grounded Psychotherapy

Consultation & Trainings


I am both consultant and supervisor to other therapists and therapists in training. I provide a wealth of clinical experience and training to assist those in the profession in refining their particular therapeutic style. Psychotherapy is as much an art as a science, and I have a knack for helping others find their way in blending the two.

In the 1980’s I ran a program for survivors of childhood sexual abuse at The Women’s Institute for Mental Health in San Francisco. During that time and for some years after, I did trainings and consulted on this issue, speaking at many conferences around the state, as well as running groups for survivors.

During this time, I began teaching workshops on earth-based spirituality and personal growth. I continue to do this both nationally and internationally. 

My work with survivors of sexual trauma resulted in my becoming very comfortable and committed to helping individuals and couples reclaim satisfying sex lives.  In the past few years I have provided trainings for therapists on this subject and it is something for which I am regularly consulted.


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